A Full-Service Design Studio for the dream chasers, the change makers, and the risk takers.

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Emboldening you to harness
the full scope of your potential.

meet the founder

Madi Wright

I’ve lived quite a few creative lives — wedding photographer and corporate designer to name a few — and the things that always inspired me were never the emails or the paperwork or the admin work. Instead, the things that inspired me were the laughter. The passion. The dreams coming true right before my eyes, whether it was watching as people said their vows or guiding them to press “launch” on their new website.

And, when I really thought about it, my dreams weren’t coming true in a stuffy corporate cubicle — they wanted to move with people as they grew their businesses, started something new, and embraced life that it was really meant to be lived. So, Embolden Design Studio was born… where I could embolden people to live that life through carefully crafted, purposeful design and strategy.

"The team never ceases to amaze me in their talent."

Embolden is exceptional throughout every stage of the process and we have been able to work together consistently for about 3 years!! The team never ceases to amaze me in their talent. My website and branding have stood the test of time and it still feels equally authentic, timeless, and impactful while pushing the envelope in the user experience.

- Mackenzie Jones

"Our branding has given us credibility and helped us build trust as we work to book clients and build brand recognition."

Embolden was hands down my favorite part of launching a new business! Madi is there to guide you through the entire process and is able to take your goals, vision, and inputs and create a brand design that is absolutely stunning and differentiates you from the pack. I cannot recommend Embolden enough if you value beautiful, intentional brand and website design!

- Christen // Coise & Co.

“The up-leveling this did for my new brand had me receiving inquiries right off the bat.”

I’m sort of a control freak so handing over the keys to my new brand wasn’t the easiest for me. Quickly I realized Madi had the knowledge and talent to execute the new website and branding I needed. Trusting the professional is always the way to go. This process saved me time which is my most valuable asset. The up-leveling this did for my new brand had me receiving inquiries right off the bat. Madi helped me bring my new brand to life.

- Diana // Diana Edlinger Studios

“I will only trust Madi with my brand going forward.”

I am so incredibly thankful I trusted Embolden Design Studio with my brand. Madi’s attention to detail and design skills are unmatched. She was easy to talk to, always actively listened to me, and responded intentionally. I never once felt like just another client to her. I am completely in love with my brand, and it has already helped me attract the clientele I want to hold on to. I would hands down recommend Embolden to anyone, and I will only trust Madi with my brand going forward.

- Alyssa // Seamlyss Weddings & Events

“Her attention to detail is immaculate! ”

Madi took my vision and elevated it to a sophisticated, cohesive brand for my business. I love Madi's communication, video tutorials, and guidance. I feel like she really listens to what I wanted and helped curate my brand from beginning to end. Her attention to detail is immaculate! 

- Dani // Hearten Interiors






For the Dream Chasers, the Change Makers, and the Risk Takers

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