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to embolden (/əmˈbōldən/), verb: to give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something

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Creative stewardship.

stewardship (\ ˈstü-ərd-ˌship),

noun: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care

We don’t take your investment in us lightly, and we treat your brand like it’s our own in every way we can. We’ll give your brand expert care, steward your brand like you’ve entrusted us to, and guide you towards decisions and suggestions that are ideal for your growth, your strategy, and your own unique business.

Purposeful design.

purposeful (\ ˈpər-pəs-fəl), 

adjective: having a purpose: such as meaningful and intentional

Your branding and your website design should always, always serve a purpose — and our intentional, strategic, and purposeful work is designed to ensure that. We’ll never add an element that doesn’t need to be there, and we’ll never rely on trends — instead, we focus on purpose.

A holistic approach.

holistic (\ hō-ˈli-stik), 

adjective: relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts

We value holistic, full-service design — which is why you’ll never get just a logo or a submark from us. Our process dives deep into your strategy and your foundations before we ever begin on design, and we approach your design and brand from a creative director perspective.

True partnership.

partnership (\ ˈpärt-nər-ˌship),

noun: a relationship in which two or more people, organizations, or countries work together as partners.

The most effective brands always come from deep, true partnership — which is why our collaborative process is designed with this in mind. We value communication, trust, and teamwork over here, and ask that our clients lean into their projects with the same intention… because that’s where the magic happens.

I’m Madi Wright, founder and Creative
director of Embolden Design Studio.

Meet the Founder

I started this business because I believe in the power of design just as much as I believe in the power of chasing your dreams, never taking no for an answer, and surrounding yourself with people who understand you, your dreams, and your visions. 

When I’m not deep in a design hole or meeting with my clients from my home office in Austin, TX, you can probably find me with a glass of wine in hand, playing fetch (AKA… throwing the ball for HOURS) with my GSP Sage, and taking every chance I can for trips with my husband Lawson. 

Here, you’re seen. You’re valued. You’re  emboldened to become all you can be. 

let's work together

to become all you can be. 

become all you can be. 

Hear from our clients

I am so incredibly thankful I trusted Embolden Design Studio with my brand. Madi’s attention to detail and design skills are unmatched. She was easy to talk to, always actively listened to me, and responded intentionally. I never once felt like just another client to her. I am completely in love with my brand, and it has already helped me attract the clientele I want to hold on to. I would hands down recommend Embolden to anyone, and I will only trust Madi with my brand going forward.

- Alyssa, Seamlyss Events

I'm sort of a control freak so handing over the keys to my new brand wasn't the easiest for me. Quickly I realized Madi had the knowledge and talent to exectue the new website and branding I needed. Trusting the professional is always the way to go. This process saved me time which is my most valuable asset. The upleveling this did for my new brand had me recieving inquiries right off the bat. Madi helped me bring my new brand to life. 

- Diana Edlinger

Madi took my vision and elevated it to a sophisticated, cohesive brand for my business. I love Madi's communication, video tutorials, and guidance. I feel like she really listens to what I wanted and helped curate my brand from beginning to end. Her attention to detail is immaculate! 

- Dani, Hearten Interirors






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