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Mackenzie Jones is a sustainable artist based in Austin, TX. She creates emotive art using natural materials, ethical sourcing, and a signature texturing process. With a primary focus on exclusive, original art, her one-of-a-kind approach is inspired by everything from the pull of the tides to jagged mountain forms. She melds together the synergy of nature, her pigments, and human experience to create emotionally driven work that elevates your space in a soul filling way.

Mackenzie’s decision to reach out to us was driven by her desire to elevate her brand presence, distinguish herself from other artists in the industry, and create an online experience for her audience. She recognized the need for a brand identity and website that truly reflected her unique approach and set her apart as an artist. She wanted to captivate high-value clients and create an authentic connection with them through a visually aesthetic and cohesive brand experience.

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In order to achieve an editorial meets relaxed European lifestyle vibe, we created an identity that was elevated, effortless, and inviting.

We wanted to maintain a neutral color base in order to allow Mackenzie’s artwork to be the main show, but still wanted to be able to infuse color when necessary. We selected colors in which Mackenzie is often inspired by —

Blues: reflecting the sky and water
Orange: reflecting sunrises and sunsets
Brown: reflecting the earth






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